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Since I was a child, dogs are part of my life. First, there was the poodle of my mother, and later, I got my first own dog, a Westie. He lived healthy 17,5 years and was a happy companion for my cats, and later the Scotties. Actually, at that time cats lived in our house - I bred Persians and the last tomcat I bred reached the age of 18 years.

The Westie triggered my interest in Scotties. The first one “Deacon” arrived 1992 in our house coming from the Richter family (kennel “von der Mandschurei”). At that time, I started to show, and Deacon turned out to be quite succesful as a junior (including winning BOB). After he died young . by an accident, “Iron” bred by Frau Roux (“Olle Use”) was next. Iron was presented at shows, too, but overall he was lacking the required discipline.

The next Scottie was “Gwen” in 1997 coming from Frau Bruweleit/ Mölls (“Downtown”). Gwen was my first(and last) wheaten Scottie. Wild and und self-confident, a difficult character, but (possibly just because of that) initially very successful in the show ring. At 1,5 years of age, she developed the light nose which is frequently seen with wheaten Scotties. After she received a number of negative comments in this respect, I decided to stop showing her as dying her nose was not an option for me. I also didn’t want to breed her. If the would have inherited her unruly character to her puppies that wouldn’t have bee too funny for their new owners. In the meantime, Gwen spends a happy life with a Downtown boy of the same age with friends in the neighborhood.

After getting Deacon as my first Scottie, I started to study the breed in detail. The first book I read at that time was “The New Scottish Terrier” by Cindy Cooke/ Anstamm. What I read about this kennel and their type of dogs fascinated me immediately. But whatever I tried to get in touch with Anstamm failed.

But suddenly and unexpectedly, I saw a wonderful Anstamm bitch right in the middle of Germany! It was r “Anstamm Animation” who just arrived at the “Mafiosos” - I really had tears in my eyes! And only alittle later, “Anstamm Aftershock” arrived. That created the opportunity to get an Anstamm dog here! And at the first available opportunityhinzu. Jetzt gab es also die Möglichkeit, einen Anstamm-Hund hier zu bekommen. And I grabbed the first opportunity and bought  “Whitney” from Frau Bruweleit.

In the meantime, I was even able to visit Cindy Cooke and Miriam “Buffy” Stamm together with Hans-Peter Clieves (Mafioso Scottish Terrier), and we developed a close personal contact and cooperation in breeding - up to the point that they agreed that I am hosting “Charlie” in my house.

In this way, my plans to breed became concrete. I chose “Deacon Brodie’s” as my kennel suffix - in memory of my first “Deacon”, but also in relation to the Scottish legend “Deacon (William) Brodie”, a strange character who is supposed to serve as the role model for the story (and the movie) “Dr. Jekyll und Mr. Hide”. The tradition of Deacon Brodie is kept alive in his home town Edinborough until today (see the pictures on the left).

And aren’t or Scotties a little bit like Jekyll and Hide (or Deacon Brodie)?

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