Ansgari Puppies

Ansgari’s Ottilie Edda  aka  “Ed”

(Ansgari’s Mr. Ed - Ansgari’s Lüttje Linda)                                                      ----> pedigree
born 27.05.2004

Edda is a light brindle bitch, and her special colour grabs the attention of many people whenever they see her.

Her pedigree is very special, too. It is mainly based on dogs with the old English wheaten blood lines which Frau Draude (kennel “von Creynveld”) imported to Germany in the 60-ies. Thus, she has strong pigment with dark skin (including the ears), a solid-black nose and black nails. She got strong bone and her head pieve is long and clean. She also shows a lot of the original Scottie character, e.g. strong hunting drive.

Unfortunately, there are no other dogs in Germany, or even Europe, with this blood, so that continuing  this breeding will be a difficult task. There is only the sire of her first litter, Mafioso Bingo Boy, who carries the old Creynveld genes way back in his pedigree. As a result, her kids had many colours, including one very light brindle boy. But even her second litter with Charli (black) was brindle all over.

In the show ring, her qualities weren’t really appreciated. She is just too “different” and “old-fashioned”. But for me and others who got to know her, she is the “Champion of the Hearts”.